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What It Is I Do. Why?

I was introduced to a friend of a neighbor in our new “digs” recently. I was taken with the question, what do you do? I paused and thought upon that question, usually so easy to answer with my usual professional credentials and response. This time,  however, I was truly struck by the existential challenge. I have thought long and hard over the last couple of days and pondered the answer.  What is it I really do and why do I do it?

The answer in and of itself sheds so many layers of complexity, specialization, and ego in order to find the simple kernel of truth.

I see many individuals, couples and businesses. What are the common threads in what it is I do, and how I show up?

Ultimately, I believe the answer is- I am here to join and support the journey with my clients, in whatever form that takes. Through times of challenge and grief to building new frontiers, we are on the path together. It is my mission to share the struggle, help find the light and leadership with curiosity, clarity, courage, and hope. This connects all the dots, through all the many avenues of working with others. How does this manifest? How do healing and resilience really occur?

What I Believe:

We are meant to be here, to have a purpose and to share our strengths and gifts with one another. We are created to live in love, harmony, and peace. “We are hardwired for belonging and connection,” says Brene’ Brown. It is through our vulnerability, courage, and rising skill to build lives of wholehearted living and joy.

We must find that still center within and in harmony with our Higher Power, Through this means, we align and open our hearts to allow our lives to matter. I offer a beckon of light and support, through dark and lonely times,  allowing wisdom and “wayfinding” to occur- one step at a time. What I struggle with, I offer. We are in this together. Through grief, broken hearts, the “dark night of the soul”, I believe breakthroughs occur. Love wins over fear, courage wins over despair and harmony wins over conflict and turmoil.

I believe that through open hearts, open minds and open wills, we find our way. Our purpose is through finding that which unshackles,  sets us free and brings joy.

When we have “strong backs, soft fronts, and wild hearts” as Brene’ describes, we can bridge the great divide, confront our loneliness and create lives of meaning.

These beliefs and practices have provided meaning, purpose, passion, and joy for over 34 years in my work. By linking and remembering my true core values and beliefs- my path is clear. My way is fueled with energy, commitment, and dedication in embodying resilience and hope.

How I Do It:

I love assessment questions. My first goal is for clients to reflect thoughtfully about their lives. I use The Wheel of Life to determine the strengths and weaknesses in every area including – health, family and friends, career, environment, leisure, and fun.

For couples, I use a rich array of questions about your history, foundation, strengths, challenges, communication style and what it is you want to achieve in our work together. In addition, I use the Relationship Checkup from the Gottman Institute to help you determine the needs and direction. I use the 5 Love Languages, Values in Action and other helpful resources along the way.

For business coaching, I use similar tools through our Discovery Session, to learn more about your company and the gap between where you find the organizational, leadership and team growth and your vision to achieve the best outcome.


I am grateful for the honored role I have as a Level 2 Gottman Therapist. As a true liberal arts lover and a life long learner, I share professional contributors and influencers such as Dr. Kristen Neff, Dr. Brene’ Brown, Terry Real, Dr. Harville, and Helen Hendrix, Dr. Martha Beck, Esther Perel, Dr. Rick Hanson, Dr. Richard Schwarz, Brendon Burchard, and others. I also share the wisdom of poets, musicians and artists, beauty and inspiration from nature through metaphor for our journey.

I extend the invitation to the clients  I am so fortunate to work with. Through healing and living well, we can all give back more fully in our lives, in our relationships, our families and our workplace and communities. In essence, that is “what I do”.

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