Marriage Counseling in Boulder

Hi, I’m Sharla Macy, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Boulder, Colorado. Welcome to my practice.

Marriage is the ultra-marathon of all relationships. Every stage in marriage carries hopes, dreams, and challenges. From the early beginnings of your lives together, through all the stages,  marriage counseling can help support and strengthen your connection, intimacy, communication, and resilience through the toughest times for a lifetime of love. What makes a marriage work?  Luckily, we have a great relational map. We will weave the rich research and resources from the Gottman Institute on the seven principles to create relationships that not only survive but thrive.

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Pre-marital Counseling in Boulder, Colorado

If you are a Boulder couple who is at the beginning stages of commitment, needing to build your direction together, we can weave resources, skills, and practices that will strengthen your understanding, connection, and fulfillment. I will assist you in doing the “heavy lifting” in order to build a strong foundation for your lives together.

We work with the Seven Principles to Make Relationship Work and Eight Dates by Drs. John and Julie Gottman as guidance during this special time. Through assessment, we create an eight-session pre-marital counseling plan. You will be well prepared for your new life together as we build a strong foundation for the future.

pre-marital counseling Boulder, Colorado

Marriage Counseling Boulder Colorado

Marriage Counseling For Every Stage:

I offer marriage counseling guidance for all needs- non-traditional, blended, single-parent, and families with special needs in Boulder, Colorado. I offer support to aging parents.

The common  challenges for marriages are:

  • Transitioning from romance and ceremonious celebration to “after the honeymoon”  when realities and differences set in.
  • Are you expectant or new parents? The best gift you can give your baby is the love between you as a couple. Let’s strengthen your marriage so that you are ready to bring the best to your new family.
  • The Seven Year Itch – It is common for marriages to experience a “quarter-life or mid-life” crisis. The challenge for this long-lasting commitment of marriage is to build in growth and change. Boredom and loneliness can kill a marriage. Marriage counseling will help you create desire and renewal for that which you already have.
  • Parenting at all stages presents delight through the ongoing changes and chaos. Together we help you increase empathy, understanding, connection, and communication skill.
  • Empty-Nesting? Through marriage counseling in Boulder, Colorado, we will help you prepare for what’s next in your life together.
  • Are you heading towards retirement? You deserve to make this time in your life rich and rewarding. Through marriage counseling, we will help you design a satisfying life together.

Discernment Counseling in Boulder, Colorado

Discernment Counseling

I offer discernment counseling in Boulder, Colorado. Are you a couple “on the brink?” It is difficult navigating through uncertainty and conflict. Couples often ask the question- “should I stay or should I go?” Discernment Counseling helps give you the time and space to slow down and deeply consider the crisis your marriage is facing.  This dilemma is often the result of infidelity, turning away, or turning against one’s partner through cumulative rejections or lack of priority in the relationship. Through discernment counseling,  we will help you determine the level of commitment you want in the relationship- in, out, or working through ambivalence, you will gain clarity and courage to determine your next steps toward a better outcome for you and your partner.