Family Counseling in Boulder

Families are the fabric of life.

Hi, I am Sharla Macy, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Boulder, Colorado. I have specialized in Marriage and Family Counseling for over 38 years. I have worked with numerous clients where we have gone from turmoil, conflict, and confusion to clarity, confidence, and joy.

Is your family messy, complicated, grievous, rich, and wonderful, or incredibly challenged?

I work with all types of families throughout Boulder, County – non-traditional, blended, single-parent families, and one’s custom-designed due to loss or trauma.

Together we will learn to grow understanding, empathy, connection, mutual respect, and fun.

Family Counseling in Boulder, Colorado
Family Business Counseling in Boulder, Colorado

Are you in a family business?

Managing the culture, boundary setting, and clarity around mission, vision, values, strength- based roles, growth and developmental phases are but a few issues that typically come up for families in this capacity. I grew up in a family business of custom home designers and builders. Creating a “blueprint” and design for the relational need will help you set the course and navigate challenges:

I offer family counseling in Boulder, Colorado and consultation for all needs involving family problems, aging parents, caregiving challenges and creating greater familial harmony.

Parent Education and Support:

I offer support for young expectant parents in Boulder County through Bringing Baby Home, a Gottman approach to help prepare and strengthen the relationship. As Dr. John Gottman expresses, “the cradle the rocks the baby is the parents love”

Emotion Coaching:

I offer the Gottman’s Emotion Coaching curriculum and digital support for groups and individual sessions. This family counseling work emphasizes the increase of empathy to strengthen the connection between parent and child and decreases diminishing and disapproval which creates disconnection.