relationship guidance counselor

Welcome to my practice in Boulder, CO.  My name is Sharla Macy and I specialize in relationships as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist of 38 years.  I love working with couples at all stages. It can be magical during the first dates with a partner. Then the challenges of many couples begin and couples can hit a bump.

I had a client ask me in session, “How are we supposed to know this relationship stuff? We didn’t go to relationship school! ”  That is such a great point. Often, we take the best of what we have learned from our families, culture, movies, literature and if one is lucky- perhaps a class in school that speaks to the glory and challenges of modern couples.

We can feel like we are “flying by the seat of our pants”.  The fortunate thing, I believe is, that couples can “skill up” and learn how to build, nurture and enjoy the whole process- from dating, creating understanding and connection to designing and building communication, conflict skill, vision, and lasting commitment. We will learn from the Seven Principles Model, Eight Dates by John Gottman and Gottman Couples Counseling to create a toolbox of resources for every stage.

I believe we can help you overcome obstacles, heal past relational wounds, and build a resoundingly successful relationship. Our work together in couples counseling will be foundational, fun, and enlightening. I look forward to working with you!