Workplace Relationships and Teams

Professional Development Counselor Boulder CO

For companies I offer expertise in:

  • Relationship building for organizations that thrive. Inspired by the Gottman Institute, I bring expertise to build a fun, positive,  and affirming culture in your workplace. I meet with you for a Discovery Session to learn about you and all that your business brings to the table. I work with start-ups, tech, family-owned businesses,  education, healthcare, and purposeful,  heart-forward businesses dedicated to making a difference and having an impact in the world.
  • Team development -Through assessments and inquiry, we design a strengths-based team with stellar communication skills attuned to your mission and vision. If you have “hit the wall” and are faced with conflicts and need for skill and resolution, we will build greater listening,  repair, and reengagement.  I facilitate workshops, professional development through my Quest program, retreats and experiential opportunities to engage and build the team of your dreams.
  • Leadership Training- Great leadership requires a service attitude and mind-set for connection, value,  and alignment. It requires courage, resilience to learn from growth and failure and skill to rise, clarity and vision.
  • Executive Coaching- I facilitate an integrated approach for growth and innovation at all levels.