Relationship Coach Boulder CO

“The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives” Esther Perel

Hi, I am Sharla Macy, LMFT. Welcome to my practice. Investing in your relationship is the best investment you could make to create joy and connection in your life.  I offer life and relationship coaching to assist you in creating a life that you love.  I believe that deep connection is a fundamental need. Whether it is in friendship, partners or teams- creating and sustaining our important relationships is fundamental.

I work with individuals who:

  • Would like to increase their skill in assertiveness with others. We can help you develop the confidence to find the balance between alone time and connection with others.
  • Surviving breakup? I work with clients who are moving through the stages of loss of relationship and transformation. We work with the ability to rise up and go after life with greater resilience and optimism.
  • Are relationships baffling sometimes? We will work together to develop greater self and social awareness. This is a great chart that illustrates the four areas of emotional intelligence.
  • Seeking deeper and intimate friendships and a desire for greater community. You are in the right place to increase understanding and skill.