Sharla Macy & Associates

I am Sharla Macy, LMFT and Relationship Specialist for over 34 years. I believe that leadership begins from within. Leadership is needed more than ever. I work with self-leadership, leadership in your most personal relationships and in the workplace. I believe that psychological safety, great communication, and relational connection are the cornerstones for leaders to thrive. I have worked with leaders of entrepreneurs, start-ups, tech, governmental agencies, healthcare, education, women-owned businesses law practices,  numerous companies, and organizations. In addition, I choose selected colleagues with unique strengths and expertise through Sharla Macy & Associates.  Together, we will:

  • Develop a mindful practice that increases self-awareness, emotional and relational intelligence, and a navigational core.
  • Develop core leadership that will increase clarity, courage, connection, calm, confidence, compassion,
  • Develop courageous and compassionate leadership to weather these ambiguous and grievous times.  The unexpected and volatile nature of our global challenges requires great courage,  and wisdom to act for the greater good.
  • Design and allow the space to dream and dare.  You will determine “what’s next” through life transitions personally, in relationships, and at work.
  • Grow inspiration and support to develop a whole-hearted approach to life cultivating joy, vision, and purpose.