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Would you like to create a life and relationship filled with love, joy, meaning, vision, and new dreams? Dream coaching is for you!

I believe that our dreams for life and a better world have never been more important. When we stop imagining and dreaming, our cellular levels and immune systems weaken because we have lost meaning and purpose in life. With couples, I assist in creating “shared” meaning in order to increase connection, intimacy, and engagement.  Together we help you create a dream that will wholehearted and worth the effort it will take to achieve. Whether it is creating a dream for better health, calling, service, travel, even for more rest, play, and fun- we will help you set the course, design a big picture and take the small steps to achieve it!

In the words of Marcia Wieder, CEO of Dream University,,  there is no dream too big or too small. We will work through fears, obstacles, and doubts toward increased clarity, belief, and action toward your dreams!

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