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6 Ways to Navigate through Turbulent Times with Calm, Courage and Connection

We are in this together! With the scare  and scale of the Corona-virus (COVID-19)  Global Pandemic  these past weeks, it has stopped us in our tracks on urgent matters of safety and health. It is so important to take this seriously, with all the precautions and preparations possible as well as getting accurate information from […]

8 Components of a Thriving Workplace Culture

In today’s world, it seems that trust and collaboration are at a low; silos, volatility, and ambiguity are at a high. Positive leadership is needed more than ever to create a workplace culture that thrives. We are most distressed by the fear and disconnection these days. It seems that discord and disillusionment weigh heavily and […]

Reflect, Release and Reset for 2020

It is the 31st, New Year’s Eve 2019. What a year! I feel the transition from the Holidays to the resurge and promise awaiting us. To that end, I felt motivated to share with you my thoughts and a few questions that might help you reflect, release and reset for 2020 as you end 2019. […]

Keep the Peace in Any Season- Especially During The Holidays

It’s hard to keep the peace but especially during the holiday season. I happen to be one who loves the holiday season for the beauty and wonder it brings. I love the simplicity of the  Flagstaff Star every year on Veteran’s Day here in Boulder. The lights and color, the evergreen fragrance, the tree, music, […]

The Power of Gratitude

We have so many opportunities to choose appreciation and express gratitude. It is a value in action,  and a practice.  Sharing gratitude has so many benefits for the giver, not to mention the receiver. Gratitude Is A Choice The emphasis is on the importance of making gratitude seeking, a choice. Imagine that a woman comes […]

Why We Need Emotion Coaching: Becoming “Masters” of Relationship

What is emotion coaching, you might be wondering?  Emotion coaching is a program designed by the Gottman Institute for parents of children. It is designed to increase empathy, connection, and effective parenting. Emotional Coaching is based on the research done by Dr John Gottman and joined by Julie Gottman, Clinical Psychologist, Co-Founder of the Gottman […]

How We Heal Our Deep Relational Wounds

“Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in” Leonard Cohen How many of us have seen Season 1 and 2 of Big, Little Lies, or have read the book?  Wow… it seems to catch on like crazy for some reason.  Of course, the brilliant cast, excellent production […]

What It Is I Do. Why?

I was introduced to a friend of a neighbor in our new “digs” recently. I was taken with the question, what do you do? I paused and thought upon that question, usually so easy to answer with my usual professional credentials and response. This time,  however, I was truly struck by the existential challenge. I […]

Getting Married: Pre-marital Counseling… One Essential

FYI, engaged couples! You are in the wedding planning stages — planning the location, the venue, the vibe, the dress, the photographer, the honeymoon, everything — to make the day you’ve both dreamed of come true. And you have such love and excitement planning your lives together. Getting married is exciting! Creating a love that lasts requires wisdom, […]

Living Wisely in Trying Times

These days, there seems to be one tragic event in our world after another not to mention the turmoil within our own country. Over these last years the persistence of violence from Newtown, Charleston , Ferguson and most recently the shootings and violence in Dallas leave strife, heartbreak and lack of a sense of justice […]

The Power of Vulnerability, Courage and Resilience: Joy

  Joy! Just saw this movie and loved the story based on the life of Joy Mangano, brilliantly portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence nominated for an Oscar for her role. The movie itself had mixed reviews, yet the story and it’s portrayal of female entrepreneurial venture is to be commended. This is what attracted David O […]