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8 Components of a Thriving Workplace Culture

In today’s world, it seems that trust and collaboration are at a low; silos, volatility, and ambiguity are at a high. Positive leadership is needed more than ever to create a workplace culture that thrives. We are most distressed by the fear and disconnection these days. It seems that discord and disillusionment weigh heavily and impacts us all. We seek to provide skills to build a happier workplace for people to thrive.

Our Mission and Vision

Our vision is to bring relationship vitality, collaborative leadership, communication skill, and strength-focus. By building a positive workplace culture where each person is recognized, growth flourishes.
We bring the affiliation of the Gottman Institute, Positive Psychology and coaching into the arena. Our mission is to be a “hands-on”, boutique, personal option for companies. We believe in customizing services to cultivate and meet the needs and goals of your business. We strengthen the connection and engagement within your teams building a positive workplace culture that thrives.

What are the eight components of workplace culture that thrives?

Workplace Culture Components

How does your workplace culture line up in these various areas 0-10, 10 being the strongest? What are their strengths? What are the challenges?

With these additional questions, how would you rate your company culture? 1 being very weak; 5 being quite strong?

1. There is a high level of trust and commitment to our organization.

2. There is a high degree of retention and sustainability within our organization.

3. The people within our team are fully engaged with a sense of purpose and passion about our product or service

4. Teams are recognized for their contributions and are committed to the overall success of the organization.

5. There is a dedication to the care of the people within our organization with priority given to a great work/life balance.

6. Our team communicates well and handles conflict with openness, flexibility and growth mindset

7. People at work feel able to speak up, be themselves, with a high degree of empathy, understanding, respect for differences.

8. Our team is inclusive of differences.

9. All members of our company are part of a collaborative team,

10. If you had a Magic Wand, what would you want to see within your organization?

Through our Quest EAP and Quest for Leadership programs, we meet through a discovery session, help you assess, design and implement the offerings for your team along with training and development and follow up for optimal growth and outcome. Contact us through Sharla Macy & Associates,, to create a positive workplace culture that thrives.